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 Creosote Build-up

There are few things in life that don’t require upkeep and maintenance, your chimney system is no exception. Wood-burning fire systems produce a highly flammable by-product called creosote. Creosote builds up with each burn, and when left unattended can cause your system to be a serious fire hazard. The certified technicians at Top Hat Chimney Sweeps are professionals in adequately and efficiently removing this by-product from your chimney system. Each of our sweeps incorporates a prior inspection as well. These inspections enable the technician to get a good look at the interior condition of your chimney system. From highly-combustible creosote, to disease-carrying animals, or flammable nesting materials, there are many things that could be inside your chimney that otherwise shouldn’t be. Use your fireplace and chimney with confidence knowing Top Hat Chimney Sweeps thoroughly inspected and swept your system from top to bottom!



When you have the certified technicians at Top Hat Chimney Sweep clean your chimney system, you can expect us to show you and your home the utmost care. We will arrive on time in company vehicles wearing Top Hat attire (we may even wear our Top Hat if you’re lucky!). We begin in the home by first laying down protective tarps; this is to ensure your home remains as clean as we found it. 


Next, for first time customers or if we have not been to the home in two years or more we will conduct a Video Scan Level II inspection in accordance with our CSIA certificationsThis inspection is a comprehensive examination of your fire system; it includes a live video scan of the entirety of the flue liner, both a fire box and smoke chamber inspection, as well as, a rooftop inspection of your chase if it's safe to access. The video scan inspection ultimately enables the technician to deem your fire system fire-worthy or not fire-worthy.


Upon the conclusion of the video scan inspection, if the certified technician deems your system fire worthy, then a sweep will follow if the system warrants a sweeping, which is an 1/8 inch or creosote build up or more. Top Hat uses only the best techniques and equipment, including professional brushes and dust control machines, to ensure your system is carefully and thoroughly swept from the firebox all the way up to the chimney cap. 


All brushable soot and debris will be dislodged and removed from the smoke shelf, firebox, flue, connector pipes, and fireplace. You can rest assured that all of our tools and techniques are designed to keep your home and air supply clean throughout the entire sweeping process. As mentioned above, in accordance with our certifications, we must first conduct an inspection of the system prior to sweeping in order to first deem your system fire worthy. Your safety and the structural integrity of your system is our primary concern.




The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Moreover, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends all fire systems be swept when warranted, which is classified as an 1/8 inch of creosote build-up or more. Remember even gas appliances soot, so it is imperative these systems too are inspected annually.