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Whether your fireplace is giving off a terrible odor, spillage into the home during use, or some other type of draft issue, Top Hat Chimney Sweeps can properly diagnose and address your issue. Below is a brief list of common causes for the aforementioned issues.


When buying and installing a new appliance, it’s important to consider the size of the appliance in relation to the size of the flue. Unfortunately, many “chimney professionals” don’t. That’s where smoking problems come in. If the flue is too big or too small for the appliance it’s being used with, it won’t be able to effectively remove the smoke from the home and will instead allow it to seep back into the home. What can be done? It’s possible we can fix your smoke problems by installing a new flue liner.


Your damper probably isn't the cause of your odors, but it certainly could be the cause for your draft issues. Be sure it is properly opened when utilizing your fireplace. If you're unable to open the damper it may be rusted into place or simply broken. Ask us about top-sealing dampers which do the job of both a damper and a cap!


It certainly won't be what you want to hear, but it’s possible your draft or odor issues could be a result of poor design or poor construction. Whether the system is in need of a few alterations or a full rebuild, we can tackle the project.


If your flue is blocked by animals, nesting materials, newspaper, foliage, creosote or anything else, smoke is going to have a hard time exiting, such blockages could also be the source of your chimney's odors. A video scan inspection can identify if you have an obstruction. Most obstructions are unfortunately combustible, and therefore, serve as a fire hazard for your chimney system. To learn more about our video scan inspections, click the button below! 


If you have a smoke problem with your chimney, it’s possible that the solution is as simple as installing a new chimney cap. Sometimes smoke problems are a result of downdrafts from strong gusts of wind. In these situations, a specially designed chimney cap can put a stop to the problem. For more information about chimney caps, click the button below.


The type of wood you're burning could also be the source of both your draft and odor issues. If you're burning wood that isn’t properly seasoned, the excess moisture could be causing excess smoke. Additionally, creosote and soot build-up from the wrong wood, especially when left in your system during the spring and hot summer months can lead to serious odor issues. Unsure if your wood is properly seasoned? Let us help! We can tell you exactly what to do to ensure that your wood is ready to fuel the fire! And, for more on creosote build-up, click the button below.


Your chimney system needs air in order to vent properly. If it’s competing with other appliances in your home for air (i.e. bathroom fans, kitchen fans, clothes dryers, etc.) this could be the cause of your draft problem. From opening a window to installing a new outdoor air source, we can help you arrive at the proper solution. 


If your chimney is not tall enough, you could experience downdrafts, which push the smoke and of course any odors back into the home. If we determine the length of your chimney system is the source of your draft issues, in most cases it is possible for us to extend the chimney to the proper length in order to alleviate any current downdrafting.