We're gas certified too.


Gas appliances are often more efficient and much less work than their wood-burning counterparts. Their maintenance too can often be less than that of a wood-burning system, but maintenance is still demanded nonetheless. Indeed, an annual service by a certified technician is recommended for all gas appliances per the manufacturer’s listing.


Annual services enable the technician to diagnose current, perhaps unknown or potential forthcoming issues with your unit. These annual inspections put you, as the customer, in the best possible position for issues to be identified and corrected before the necessary repairs become too costly.


A gas service can take on various forms dependent upon the particular gas appliance in need of servicing. That is for instance, direct vent gas appliances will be serviced slightly different from that of vented gas logs. However, all gas services incorporate some culmination of the following processes. The certified technician will remove the media (i.e. ceramic logs, glass gems, etc.) and address the burner. The technician is looking for potential defects caused by previous usage that could deem the system not fire-worthy. Additionally, the technician will inspect the pilot assembly and completely break the unit down in order to thoroughly clean it utilizing only industry trusted and tested methods and equipment. Lastly, the technician will clean any present glass components and the removed media before returning it to its proper arrangement. Remember even gas appliances soot. As such, some vented gas appliances warrant a video scan inspection and potentially a sweeping dependent upon the build-up in the system. Book online here!